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Today, senior executives are under pressure to perform. In a new world where soundbites can resonate across different platforms, both traditional and digital, in a matter of seconds, being prepared and confident is crucial. Taking your opportunity to shine in the spotlight has become an ever greater requirement.


It is surprising that many organisations have failed to agree an adequate set of key messages that articulate it's vision and strategy with sufficient conviction. Language, tone, and narrative are often inconsistent and the ability to compose and tell the right story often falls short. This can result in misrepresentation and these misconceptions can do lasting damage to your reputation.


Message & Narrative Development


Reviewing and reworking key messages to reflect the strength, values, and strategy of an organisation is critical to any communication plan and so is the need for each spokesperson to work off the same script. Once the materials, Q&A, and narrative are in place, we can then test out your ability to delivery your story and company vision with accuracy, and passion,under pressure.



Media Theory 


In a step by step process, we will cover how the media works, mapping the different approaches made by nationals, trades, and broadcasters. We will provide you with expert guidance on interview techniques, handling the toughest questions under pressure, developing the right style and tone, and, on what “on the record” really means. Beyond this, we can provide guidance on how to navigate today's complex media universe with confidence, delivering value enhancing results every time.



Telling Your Story


Your session can be built for a larger group or a more personalised one to one environment. Your trainer, as an ex broadcast journalist and senior communications adviser, will tailor bespoke scenarios designed to address the elementary and complex elements of your story. Each interview is recorded and played back for comment and advice. Your spokespeople will be prepared to manage key topics and areas of interest that journalists will inevitably pursue and, where appropriate, provide guidance on how to manage sensitive answers such as financial performance. 



Studio Facilities


We can can create live studio or “down the line” scenarios to create a familiarity with all broadcast environments – all conducted in a City based studio facility. Similarly, for print we can provide a clear understanding of what ingredients make a good story and what restrictions journalists are under before fine tuning your interview style. We also provide a tool kit from which you can leverage your key messages more effectively, ensuring you understand how to take control of any interview setting and drive your agenda.



Presentation skills


TAB can provide advice and insights on how to better structure your presentation and enhance  stakeholder and customer engagement. We will review content, presenting style, and help fine tune your ability to engage your audience above and beyond any slides or powerpoint. And we will ensure than when they leave the room your key messages and broader purpose remain front of mind.

Media & Presentation Training